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Add Content to Creative Clearinghouse

You can add content to Creative Clearinghouse, if you are registered on our site, and logged in. During registration, Under "Become a Contributor", please make sure to click the link that asks if you " are interested in adding class information to the site" .

Once you log in, you should see additional links below or on the right hand side that enable you to add classes, or your favorite stores that host classes, or supplies that you use in classes, or books that you have read that have helped you in your creative journey.

Please search the site first to make sure there isn't already a listing for the class, supply, book, etc, that you are planning on entering. If there is, you can always comment on it to add your point of view.

Also, all content must be reviewed by Creative Clearinghouse. This is a 2-step process. When you have finished entering your content, you must first click SAVE at the Bottom to save the page. Then, once the save has completed, you must click the Continue to the Next Step button at the top of your finished page to let us know that your information is ready to be reviewed and published.

Thanks for adding to Creative Clearinghouse!! We appreciate your input!

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