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Break out of the doldrums! Attend a Retreat!

I was fortunate enough this year to attend Art Is You, a creative art retreat that runs in several locations in the United States. There was so many different Instructors to choose from, that it was hard to narrow down and pick the classes I would attend. Even though I went for 6 days, it still was hard to choose! In the end, I chose 5 different Instructors that I have not had any classes with before- Michelle Ward, Joanne Sharpe, Andrea DeMeng, and Tracy Verdugo.

June 2013 Giveaway

This month we are lucky enough to have a package full of goodies to make resin pendants. Six of them in fact!! Donated by Susan's Charming Trinkets, this gift comes complete with everything you need to make 6 resin pendants--6 blank pendant bezels, 1 Ice Resin syringe, a Susan Lenart Kazmer Art Mechanique collage paper pad, mixing cups, stir sticks and latex gloves- all in a sweet cigar box! How much fun can you have with this?!!

The Winner Is...

Hi!  Lori here. 

I'm sorry that we didn't update the blog with the winner of our super fabulous April giveaway. We were knocked  little off base by the events in Boston and conducted the drawing a day late and late on Monday night. 

Thanks again for all the comments and excitement about our giveaway!!  It's been great! We are so glad to have the new folks who have joined us both here and on Facebook.  As a reminder, we'll be having super fun giveaways every month for a YEAR!  So make sure you follow us!

The winner of this giveaway was Ann LaRose!

Be Creative While Working Out!

Hi Happy Creatives- Ursula here. Do you want to get your creative juices flowing while you are working out? For those that don't know me, I am sure you can tell by now that I love creative classes, but I also like to work out. And sometimes with just a little bit of spare time, I would have to choose between getting a workout in, and watching a lesson in one of my creative classes. But now I don't have to choose! Here is a very cool set up that I managed to get running in a very short time with one piece of equipment, a wireless netowrk, and and some software installed on my computer.

Happy Keep America Beautiful Month!

You know, as artists and fans of art classes, it seemed appropriate that our promotion of the creative lifestyle should start with April, Keep America Beautiful Month!

The amazing prize package we have is going to help one lucky winner create all kinds of beauty! 

There's an App for that!!


Watching Flash on an iPad- get a different browser

Hi Everyone- Ursula here...

I was extrememly disappointed when I got my iPad, and realized that it didn't support flash. There are still online classes that are flash based. So that meant that I would have to watch them from my computer and not from my iPad while I was working out or hanging out with my family while they did homework.

What Inspires Us


  1. Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "his enthusiasm inspired them".
  2. Create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person: "inspire confidence".



inspirit - inbreathe - inhale


Classes,Classes and more Classes

Ursula here-

Take some time for yourself and take a class

I took the time to watch a Brave Girl Art School lesson, and it helped greatly for inspiration. Melody Ross is fun and inspirational at the same time!

Jewelry TV

The Jewelry TV Blog looks like a great place for those creatives who lean towards the Jewelry end of the spectrum, to hang out! And I think that the Mixed Media and Assemblage folks might want to poke around it a bt too!

Free Tutorials from LuminArte

I love free tutorials and hope to see our readers post some of their own on Creative Clearinghouse in the future. While researching a set of drawing/painting classes I was about to enter here, I stumbled across a page filled with free turtorials for using LuminArte paints, sprays and twinkling H2O's. You could happily spend a morning there!

Dina Wakley Art Journaling Class

I took a class with Dina Wakley this week at Ink About It. It was a great in person class, and a nice change from taking online Art classes.

Simply My Harvest Classes for Creative Business Owners

This is an online class to instruct and guide you on the business side of running your creative endeavors.

Blog changes

We are changing our blog format slightly here are Creative Clearinghouse, to bring you up to date information on online and local Art and Creative classes.

Giving Back


I was brought up in a house that gave back. My Mom was always involved in church activities, school activities, and sports activities. When I grew up, I tried to follow through with that tradition. I coached, I volunteered in the kids schools, I worked at the Church fair, I donated constantly. However, I still feel like I wanted to do more. I am always thinking and dreaming of the things I would like to do to give back even more.

The Art of Giving

Greetings, Scholars!  Now that we've warmed up to this website development business, we thought it was a good time to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves, say hey, and talk a little about our plans.

Ursula and I "met" in Kelly Rae Roberts' creative business class Flying Lessons in August 2011.  The private Facebook group that comes with the class affords a place to share ideas and frustrations, ask questions, find inspiration and sometimes just hang out with the other 300-something people (mostly ladies) in the class


Bragging a bit

Surface Pattern Design Class module 2 by Rachael Taylor was a great online Art/Design class, and I got to be in the end of the course round up!

Giving Flight

Lori and I met in an online class- Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons to be exact. We joined the associated Facebook group, and became friends with a group of great ladies,. Some of these friends even helped us with this site, when we started our new venture together. And now it is the year anniversary of our meeting in Kelly Rae's class. We all wanted to do something special, so we are planning something right now. Wacth for the announcement on August 20th!



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