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Kelly Kilmer in Westford, MA

If you are in the area of Westford, MA whay don't you join me in taking  one of Kelly Kilmer's  classes at Ink About It? I am signed up for the friday morning class and I am so looking forward to the class and meeting Kelly!!

The class I am taking is Building Up Layers...

Building Up the Layers- Kelly Kilmer

Learn a whole new way to approach a blank page! In this workshop, you will combine paper ephemera, tape, rubber stamps, watercolor crayons and a whole lot more to create lusciously layered backgrounds that can be used in ANY art form. As you work, you will gain new insight into the principles of collage such as composition, design, color, pattern and much, much more. You will walk out having created several layered backgrounds as well as the confidence to create even more on your own!

Supply list: journal (or the instructor will have paper for you to work on), scissors, small selection of favorite collage ephemera, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels, permanent black inkpad, container to hold water, 1" brushes to glue (I like chip or bristle brushes), a few of your favorite glue sticks


I will update this blog post after friday!!

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