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Kelly Kilmer- Building Up layers

I had SUCH a FUN time today at Ink About It in Kelly Kilmer's "Building Up Layers" class. I was so glad that I re-arranged my schedule to be able to finally take a class with Kelly! What a great 2 hours of creating art, and chatting with the wonderful, creative women that also took the class. I really wish I got to spend more time with them!

Kelly is a great Instructor. She is fun, and informative, and she pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone in a very gentle, supportive and funny way. I decided my comfort zone was making matchy-matchy backgrounds that are, what I think of as "lovely grunge"- pretty decorative backgrounds that are sanded, inked or otherwise distressed. At the start of class we got to dig through Kelly's very large box of pages and papers in order to choose bits and pieces that "made us happy". I purposefully grabbed backgrounds at random, although I do admit to being more particular about the focal point images I chose for my collages. She had a large stash of images from fashion magazines, and after taking Jane Davenport's "I Heart Drawing" class, I was inspired to use fashion figures in my collages.

We spent the next two hours gluing, tearing, cutting and arranging our stash into our journals. Kelly instructed, joked, advised, and filled us with tons of information about process, supplies and ways to break out of our comfort zones. I was able to get the base done on 2 journal pages, and started a third. I considered that a very succesful morning!

Here are two of the pages-

Kelly Kilmer Layers Class 2.JPG


Kelly Kilmer Layers Class 1.JPG



I know, I left that class a SERIOUS tape addict, if I wasn't  enough of one already cheeky . I am sure the others left addicted as well!

As I mentioned, the women who took the class were wonderful. By chance I sat next to the lovely Patty, who I already knew from other classes. She made beautiful pages, and was so helpful and shared her stuff with me!! Many thanks for the use of the bone folder and assorted other tools smiley. There was another woman that unfortunately I did not get her name. But she was sweet and inspiring, all at the same time. I hope I get to meet her again. The gals across the table from me were nice ahnd funny, and Vicki down at the end was a sweetheart as well. I got to peek in her Art Journal, which is BEAUTIFUL!!

So needless to say I had a fabulous time! In fact, I tried to switch some things around so I could go back tomorrow for another class, but it is not to be! At least though, I had today, and I am so happy for that. I look forward to my next Kelly Kilmer class and I hope to see the other women again soon!

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