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Giving Back


I was brought up in a house that gave back. My Mom was always involved in church activities, school activities, and sports activities. When I grew up, I tried to follow through with that tradition. I coached, I volunteered in the kids schools, I worked at the Church fair, I donated constantly. However, I still feel like I wanted to do more. I am always thinking and dreaming of the things I would like to do to give back even more.

This month is the FlyTribe's Anniversary. In case you haven't heard of us, it is a group that took Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons last year. We came together through Facebook, and became friends, confidantes, cheer leaders, shoulders to cry on, advice givers, and even, as in the case of Lori and I, business partners. Some of us have spoken over the phone. Some of us have met in person. We tease each other, we joke with each other, we listen to each other, and we advise each other. We have grown so fond of each other, that I am sure that this force, this tribe will be together for a very long time.

We feel blessed to have such a group, and to have received a most wonderful gift- the gift of each other. And, so now, in honor of the Anniversary of us coming together, we decided to give back. Each of us gets to determine how they would like to give back. I am going to join in with a group to donate a number of spots in Kelly Rae Roberts' last Flying Lessons class. Kelly Rae has decided to match our donations! For each class that we raise money to donate as a scholarship, she will donate the same number of classes. And so now you see how this wonderful group came into existance. With a teacher, and role model like Kelly Rae, there was zero chance that this group was not going to do anything short of amazing!

Please follow along in our blog hop and read other stories of how our tribe is giving back. We hope you will join us in giving! And for the lucky people who will be blessed with a scholarship to Kelly Rae's last class- I hope you find a group of friends as joyful and wonderful and funny as we did! And if you do- why not try to continue our tradition and give back!

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<p>It is so wonderful to have this connection to this amazing and talented and full-of-vitality group of women artists. Thank you for everything you and Lori both contribute! Wishing you both mucho success with this creative new site! xo</p>

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