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Giving Back


I was brought up in a house that gave back. My Mom was always involved in church activities, school activities, and sports activities. When I grew up, I tried to follow through with that tradition. I coached, I volunteered in the kids schools, I worked at the Church fair, I donated constantly. However, I still feel like I wanted to do more. I am always thinking and dreaming of the things I would like to do to give back even more.

Bragging a bit

Surface Pattern Design Class module 2 by Rachael Taylor was a great online Art/Design class, and I got to be in the end of the course round up!

Giving Flight

Lori and I met in an online class- Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons to be exact. We joined the associated Facebook group, and became friends with a group of great ladies,. Some of these friends even helped us with this site, when we started our new venture together. And now it is the year anniversary of our meeting in Kelly Rae's class. We all wanted to do something special, so we are planning something right now. Wacth for the announcement on August 20th!


Kelly Kilmer- Building Up layers

Here is my writeup on the class I took with Kelly Kilmer at Ink About It. We learned several Art Journal and Collage techniques in  this Art/Creativity class.

Kelly Kilmer in Westford, MA

If you are in the area of Westford, MA whay don't you join me in taking  one of Kelly Kilmer's  classes at Ink About It? I am signed up for the friday morning class and I am so looking forward to the class and meeting Kelly!!

The class I am taking is Building Up Layers...

Building Up the Layers- Kelly Kilmer

Art Critiques

Especially for budding artists, critiques can be invaluable. Creative Clearinghouse is starting a Facebook group to enable an environment for our readers to post their art work and ask for critiques. Others can then comment on the images to give their opinions and (gentle) critiques on the posted pieces. We hope this will be place where you can go to get feedback for Art that you are currently working on. We want it to be a loving and supportive environment, where you can get real advice and ideas for enhancing your current projects- not just a thumbs up, but real constructive feedback.


Welcome to Creative Clearinghouse, where Smart Creatives go to "Get Schooled"!! We hope you like our site, and use it to find new creative classes by the Instructors you already know, or learn about Instructors that you don't!

We would like this to be a lively environment, and for that to happen we need your help! Please Contact Us with ideas for classes to be listed, or even better- visit our Help tab to find out more about how you can enter content of your own!!

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