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Collage for Self-Discovery

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Many of us are conditioned to fear our true self because it was a place where we never felt fully seen or loved. Spontaneous collage is method of creative self-mirroring that will help you to understand and love yourself profoundly. Working spontaneously with found imagery bypasses your socially protective mind, and reveals more of what deeper aspects of yourself want to express.

Creation without pre-planning supports you to see and integrate repressed psychological patterns that are holding your back, and it also reveals your visionary potentials. Spontaneous collage is wider than words, and it can reveal growth steps that you might not have been able to conceive of in your everyday mind.

This in-depth collage journaling course is accessible to everyone. No previous art experience or special talent is required. Collage therapy provides a visual window to the daily mystery and multiplicity of your vast inner world. Your daily collage journal becomes a daily showing up on your page with a most wondrous question, "Who am I today?"

This is a 90 day email class with an optional 90 Day Collage Challenge on Instagram.

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Shelley Klammer

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