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Most of the interactive capabilities of this site require you to be a registered user, and to be logged in. You can find the user registration link in the user login block on the left hand side. Click the 'Create new account' link. Please fill in all the fields with the red asterisk (*) including the one that asks you to add 2+2, and the word verification (Captcha) field. After you submit the form, you will see a message near the top of the screen above the Sponsor buttons. If you do not see a message indicating that you are Registered and now logged in, then please look through the registration form, enter the data you missed, and submit the form again.

How do I Advertise with Creative Clearinghouse?

Creative Clearinghouse has several levels of Advertising. There is a Sponsor level that allows you to have a link to the Sponsor Page describing your product, service or class. We also provide levels of sponsorships that enable an image to be shown in one the sidebars or in the highlighted (Top Shelf) section of our web site. And finally, there is Featured spot on Creative Clearinghouse home pages, that put your image and link to your site, front and center.

How to Enter Class Information- with Pictures

Thank you for becoming a Contributor for Creative Clearinghouse!! You have been approved, and can now enter class information on our site. Please make sure to only enter one listing of a creativity class. Please make sure that the class is not already listed on our site before entering the information.

Please NOTE: All of the following information, assumes that you are logged in.


Entering a Class/Review/Supply page gives me an error on Internet Explorer

Some of the pages in Creative Clearinghouse run a wee bit longer than Internet Explorer arbitrarily decides is the correct amount of time. If you see an error that looks something like this-

Video on how to enter content to the Creative Clearinghouse site

Creative Clearinghouse encourages Creatives who are registered members of the site to share their favorite classes, books, and supplies by submitting content to the site. If you are interesting in entering Book Reviews and Favorite Supplies you may do so as soon as you are registered and logged into our site.

How do I use this Site?

We hope that Creative Clearinghouse will be your home for finding and researching creative classes. If you are new to this site, please take some time to look around. The classes that we have listed can be found in a variety of ways. You can find them by....

Creative Clearinghouse Policies


Listing Policy

Creative Clearinghouse lists reviews of classes, books, and supplies. While we certainly hope that most instructors will be fine with their class being listed here, we understand if you do not want to be. Please feel free to contact us and let us know and we will remove the class listing.

Review/Comment Policy

Can a user enter reviews for a class?

Currently, the Creative Clearinghouse team, only allows approved users to create a Review of a class that is listed here. However, anyone who is logged in, may add a comment to an existing Review. If you see a Review on a class you have taken, and wish to add your own information, than please add a comment to that Review. Remember, that you must be logged in to do so.

Can a user enter class information?

We collect information from other people in a couple of ways. You can always go to the Contect Us tab and complete the form to let us know about classes that you have taken and want to recommend, classes that you have heard other folks recommend, or classes that you are planning on teaching. We will gather the information and enter it in, as we have time.

Please NOTE: All of the following information, assumes that you are logged in.


What information is available for a class?

We try to collect and disperse as much information as possible about Creative classes. Some of the information we use to describe classes are:

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