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Favorite Supplies

Here are some supplies that our readers really like to use. The right product can often spark and/or enhance your creativity!

Pocket Rocket Bag by Scout

The Pocket Rocket bag by Scout is one of my favorite bags. I own several of them and I keep them packed for different activities- golf, crafting and for carrying things in the car. The bag has a coating on it that is water resistent, so if you spill your coffee on it, you can wipe it off ;) . The outside pockets are deep enough to be extremely useful- you can carry a lot of gear there. The inside is large enough to accomodate 12 inch scrapbooks and deep enough to carry extra things like paper, stamps etc. There is a zipper on the top so you can close it when traveling.

SOHO paint remover wipes

I can't remember where I first heard about SOHO paint remover wipes, but they work really well to remove dried paint from things. I use them in my crafting to also lift paint from art through stencils etc.

When I need to clean off a table top, or something I have used in my crafting that got splattered (either by mistake or on purpose ;) ) with paint, I pop out one of these wipes, and they really work!

Photocentric ImagePac Stamp Maker

The Photocentric ImagePac stamp maker is a great system for making personal stamps from your own designs. The stamps take literally around 5 minutes to make, and they can get quite detailed. You can read all about it in this blog post on my other web site.

Fluid Chalk Inks

Fluid chalks are the tool that I always have in my artistic toolbox. I use them in all applications and love their blendability.

Definitely a tool worth your trying out!

Lesley V.

Graphitint Pencils by Derwent

I have been searching for an easy, portable media for coloring in the portraits that I have been practicing. Most of the instructors that I have been taking classes from, use gesso and paint and all sorts of messy hard to carry supplies, that just don't work when I have a few minutes in the car while waiting for my kids to finish up some sport or another! I had tried colored pencils, but being a newbie, I was struggling to get the look that I wanted.

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

The Gelli Arts Gel printing plate is one of my favorite tools to make backgrounds with. This ingenius device was made to mimic the more traditional gelatin mono printing process. Without the mess, and having to re-do the gelatin all the time! There are many ways to use the printing plate, but even with a little bit of paint-maybe 3 or 4 colors- and a stamp, you can make amazing backgrounds. You can use stencils, fingers, rubber tipped brushes, anything that is NOT sharp. You do not want to cut into the printing plate or that mark will stay there forever.

Gelly Roll Glaze Pens by Sakura

I am always on the look out for new pens, but in this case I believe these pens have been around for a while. I seem to remember them when I was starting out in scrapbooking, but I just got a set of 10 the other day from Amazon. They are the COOLEST!! I love adding texture to my work, and I often use a clear glaze glue to add shine and dimension. However, when I am working on Artist Trading Cards, typically the sizes are so small that using glue from a bottle, even with a skinnier nozzle, is still tricky. These Gelly Rolls pens are perfect for using with ATCS!

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