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Simply My Harvest-Starting Your New Business- Review

I originally did not sign up for Simply My Harvest-Starting Your New Business, taught by Connie Rawlins, because I thought- "I already started my business, so I don't really need this class". Boy was I ever wrong!! I am taking this class now, and the amount of material covered, not to mention the number of things I should be doing and am NOT, is huge!

Misty Mawn Full Circle

This is one full class! Thre are lessons on drawing, painting, iphoneography, clay, and more. I really like Misty's work, and her class style is nice- not boring, not wild and crazy. She is a pleasure to listen to. Her lessons are not too long, not too short. It is one of the classes I find myself returning to again and again.

Life Book 2014 Review

It is amazing to me that in the third year of taking Life Book, I am still not bored and there is still fresh, good material. I love the format of Life Book, with classes once a week. There are classes using all sorts of mediums, on all sorts of topics. They are all fun and interesting, and even if I already know the techniques, I always pick up a golden nugget of inspiration. That is why I love classes. Every teacher. every person has their own unique spin on things, so there is always something to learn.

Photoshop Mastery Fundamentals- Review

Photoshop Mastery: Fundamentals taught by Ben Willmore is hands down one of the THE BEST Photoshop classes I have watched. I am mostly self taught, but I do a ton of reading. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I do a lot of what Ben recommends, however very often I didn't understand why I was doing things a certain way. Ben in this class, explains some extremely technical concepts in such easy to understand terms, that you will think- "how in the world could I have not known that before"? Well, probably because you didn't take a class with Ben!

Steampunk Series - Review

Kelly Hoernig is a great artist, and has now added e-course Instructor to her list of talents. In this class, Kelly takes mixed media in a very creative direction, focusing on the subject of SteamPunk. There are 6 lessons, each very unique and super fun! Kelly encouraged us all through her associated FaceBook group, to take her ideas and give them our own personality, which several of us did. The lessons also spun off of Kelly's decorative painting experience which she applied to these mixed media projects. It was a cool way to get our creative juices going.

Twinks on Yupo - Review

Twinks on Yupo taught by Jodi Ohl was a very fun class! I already owned some Yupo paper, but found it frustrating to use. Note- I do not normally do watercolor paintings. But in this class we learned some watercolor techniques, and more specifically how to do them on Yupo paper, a very slick, not really paper, paper wink.

Express Yourself- dRaw Emotion- Review

It is no secret, at least I don't think it is, that I think Jane Davenport is a great teacher. In fact, I kind of have an Instructor crush on her wink. This mini class, Express Yourself- dRaw Emotion, from her Artini bar is a great class, in my opinion.

Just Draw It- Review by Jodi Wiley

Artist Jodi Wiley, took Koosje Koehn's Just Draw It class, and wrote a review about it on her blog.

The course itself was so much fun and really useful. Koosje's such a fun teacher with a great sense of humour and a truckload of knowledge about her craft. I loved the way the course was designed - starting with basic drawing techniques and progressing through shading, using colour, drawing people, hands and faces, and finishing off with a very thorough lesson on how to create a character.

Painterly In Pink- Review

I was so excited to take this class from Jodi Ohl, and with good reason! This class was fabulous!! Jodi started out with a quick lesson on preparing the canvas for our Painterly in Pink project, for those in the class who were relatively new to Mixed Media. The first few lessons were spent on draing the face of our fantasy girl, with in depth details on each portion of the face- eyes, nose, mouth and hair. I have taken a few classes now on drawing faces, and this class helped me tremendously. The descriptions Jodi gave on shading really helped take my drawing to the next level, I think.

Be a Brave Girl- Brave Girl Art School 1 Review

This class is not over, but I have watched enough of the classes to give a good understanding of this class, I believe. This class is wonderful, and chock full of information on many different art concepts. So far we have covered drawing, and painting and ways of making cool textural backgrounds, as well as making jewelry using clay and leather. Melody Ross is fun and lively and it is very easy to follow her directions. She also makes you feel like you can do it!


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