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CFOriginals now ChristisNeighborhood

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CFOriginals (now changed to ChristisNeighborhood), renowned polymer clay artist Christi Friesen's web site, is a wealth of information! She has lots of online classes that walk you through different polymer clay projects and techniques. She also sells supplies, including SWELLigant metal coatings which look interesting and lucious!

Online classes are reasonably priced, running from $15 to about $30.

Christ travels extensively, and her in-person workshops are listied on her site as well.

Christi also has a number of books and publications, so you might want to check those out- and several of them have sneak peeks!!



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Pricing for classes listed on this web site varies. Please see the web site for the most current information on classes and pricing.
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If this class is listed as expired, please check back often, as new information may be posted when the class runs again, or more information becomes available.


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